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What is Imperfectly Qualified?

Imperfectly Qualified: the one label each and every one of us can relate to, no matter who we are or where we are from. We may all be living different stories, each one of us on an adventure so challenging and individual that we fall down over and over again, making mistakes we didn’t see coming and getting bruised and battered along the way. But it is these mistakes that make us special, for we always get back up from them, brush ourselves off and get ready for the next challenge. 

Everyone who makes mistakes, is someone who dares to break out of what is comfortable and easy. Everyone who makes mistakes is someone who deserves happiness, joy and love, and who strives at every opportunity to find it. No matter how imperfect we all are, we are all still qualified for greatness. And this isn’t in spite of our mistakes, but in fact, because of them. With each mistake, regret or wrong footing, we become stronger, learn quicker, and become kinder.

This line is about embracing these parts of ourselves, of highlighting that perfection is overrated, that it instead denotes a fear of change, of pushing boundaries, of flying past challenges. Instead, we hope to serve the people in the world who aren’t afraid of mistakes, or instead are excited to find them, to learn from them and, finally, to move past from them. 

This line is for the Imperfectly Qualified, for those that dare. We all are imperfect but we are still worth it!